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Secure Document Storage

Document Storage

Physical Storage

A Will is one of the most important documents you will ever write, so you should store it very carefully.

The law doesn’t say where you must keep your Will but, as a minimum, it should be stored in a secure and fireproof place and it is vital that your executor(s) knows exactly where to find it.

The National Will Archive has over 100,000 documents in their secure facility and is backed by the Society of Will Writers, the leading self-regulatory body for professional estate planners. All documents undergo a validity check and are scanned, databased and registered with the National Will Register for added security.

You will receive a certificate of safe storage and two executor retrieval cards.

Digital Storage

Storing your Will securely is vital to ensuring that there are no issues dealing with your estate in a timely manner, but what about all of the other important documents in your life, such as life insurance, mortgage deeds, utility bills. Having these kept in a physical folder in your house somewhere could create unnecessary stress for your family to deal with at an already emotional time.

You will be offered access to Keylu, a digital account allowing you to organise and store any or all of your other important financial or legal documents with multi-factor authentication (ultra strong digital security).

Keylu goes further than just digital document storage, you can also store your personal memories (photos, videos), funeral wishes, letter of wishes, bucket lists and even those age-old family recipes ensuring they pass safely to your loved ones.

Keeping your important information in a Keylu account allows you to keep track and update all of your financial affairs, this information can then be made available to nominated family and friends (called trusted contacts) allowing your passing to be dealt with in the most organised fashion. You can also add professional contacts such as ourselves or your financial advisor to ensure that your executor(s) and family have a direct connection to the people that dealt with those other important aspects of your life.