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Your Last Will and Testament contains the very last wishes you get to express in this world, making it an extremely important document to those you leave behind. If your Will can’t be located after your death then your estate may end up being distributed differently to how you wanted.

Can I store it with my other important documents at home?

You absolutely can do that, but it isn’t always the recommended means of protecting your Will. It is important to make sure that your Will is kept safe, but what are the risks really?

• Destruction by fire
• Destruction by flooding
• Malicious damage
• Loss/theft of the Will
• Accidental damage

We store our physical Wills at The National Will Archive who have over 100,000 documents in their secure facility and are backed by the Society of Will Writers.

We also offer our clients access to Keylu, a digital account allowing you to organise and store any or all of your other important financial or legal documents with multi-factor authentication. You can also store your personal memories (photos, videos), funeral wishes, letter of wishes, bucket lists and even those age-old family recipes ensuring they pass safely to your loved ones.

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